Monday, November 21, 2005

You can take the girl out of the county...

But you obviously can't take the county out of the girl.

I grew up in Ventura County, Calif., Simi Valley to be exact. My mom still lives there (with my deadbeat brother who may or may not be on the Tonight Show, long story)...Anyway.
There is a fire there now.
All the news reports name the location as Ventura County. The county, I have just learned, covers an area of 1,873 square miles, including 43 miles of coastline and is the 26th largest of California's 58 counties.
So, that's a pretty vague location for a fire, if you ask me.
My husband tells me today that the fire is being reported as 90 percent contained. I told him, I didn't think it was near where my mom lived, since she hadn't complained of raining ash the last time I spoke with her. I said to Bob, "It looks like it's near Ojai."
Sure enough, I get online and find out the fire is between Ventura (the city) and Ojai.
I feel pretty smart today. I can differentiate one brown weedy mountainside from another if it is in my hometown county. That is something to be really proud of. :)

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