Saturday, December 24, 2005

A hodgepodge of stories...

Last night I couldn't sleep and got to thinking about how lax I have been lately with the updates. Is it because I'm only half awake half the time? Is it because the baby dropped and I now feel like there's a bowling ball in my pants? Is it because of the endless frantic rush toward Christmas??

Probably a combination of all those factors plus many more I am too sleep deprived to remember...
But anyway, back to the top...Last night I couldn't sleep. Elizabeth had come into our room around 4:30 am and brought two giant stuffed animals with her that she would not part with. Said animals and I tried to make a go of sleeping together, but it was all for naught. When the animals were kicked out of bed, Elizabeth cried. When I left for the couch, she fell asleep, what does THAT say?

So I'm trying desperately to get comfy on the couch, it's hard, but I stuffed enough pillows under enough limbs to make it work.
MTV is running a "Newlyweds" marathon for some reason, so I'm watching that. I immediately get sad. Aw, Nick and Jessica, those crazy kids couldn't make it work. And the show lets you know why right away. She's a twit. Worse than that, she's a self-absorbed twit. Worse than THAT! She's got the emotional depth of a shoe.
Just as I am firmly Team Aniston, I think I have to be firmly Team Nick on this one. Who's with me?

Another story:
During the trapping of the feral cat, which went successfully I stocked up on canned cat food, just in case the first attempt at trapping was fruitless.
I have been occassionally giving this food to our two cats, as treats for the holidays I suppose. This food makes their poo stink, so I really don't LIKE giving it to them, but they LOVE it and it makes them happy. Since we HAVE the food and I hate wasting things more than I hate stinky cat poo, it's a tradeoff.
The only problem is, the cats are going all Morris finicky on me and in a hurry. Louie will run into the laundry room, where they eat, and stare at the bowls of dry food crying and crying. I keep telling him that those morsels ARE actually food. He doesn't seem to believe me.
This morning they both begged like pros until I broke out the canned food, which they hungrily and hurriedly devoured - ignoring the heap of kibble underneath of course.
Thank goodness we will be out of the house most of today, because, those imminent poos are going to be a stinky bunch.

One last tidbit...
My husband's grandpa, for whom he is named, is down from Utah for the Christmas weekend. Like any good older person, in the short time he's been here (just since late last night) he's already complained about the cost of his medicine, his aches and pains, how he can't drive well anymore, how messy his house is and how much he wishes we all lived in his town (which is so small that the addition of our four families would perhaps double the population).
He's also reminded us that he's not "going to be around forever" and that he's got life insurance so we don't have to worry about paying for his funeral.
Is there some sort of old-timers handbook from which they read this stuff? Or is it an AARP newsletter thing?
I just have to know.
I love the old man, and I'd be endlessly happy if he lived forever, even if I have to hear about cholesterol medicine for the rest of my life.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Kwaanza! Blessed Winter Solstice!
Feliz Navidad!

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cube said...

Gosh, don't worry about not posting. I didn't post one thing from the 25th through 27th. I was just enjoying my family & my presents.

BTW I love the cat story. It is so typical of the ways of felines.