Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ironic names!

How funny is it that the US Secretary of Education is named Margaret Spellings? Check her out #16

I also enjoy her outfit in her official portrait. I love Fonzie too.


Freebird said...

Ha! I have a picture of myself like that with the collar up. It was a very 80's thing to do.

cube said...

In the 80's, it was considered hip to dress like Dracula. Margaret Spellings (should that be plural if she's only one Margaret?)
continues with vampiric fashion sense today.

BTW in Battlestar Galactica, it is the Secretary of Education who becomes President. So it follows that if the Ceylons attack, we'll all be dressing like Dracula.

If you don't watch BSG, then just nevermind... ;-)

Jessey said...

I committed some horrible atrocities in the name of 80s fashion...but since I was in single digits for most of the decade, I got away with it with very little shame.

Though, post 1988 I really can't excuse myself from the unwavering love of neon, very tall bangs, very big hoopy earrings and all things L.A. Gear.
I should flog myself immediately.