Friday, January 20, 2006

Witherspoon's Globe Gown Was Worn by Dunst

Finally! We have proof that celebs are stupid and care more about their outfits than anything else in the world.
I honestly don't understand why this is such a big scandal, let alone an actual news item. This barely rates as an interesting story to me. This is so NOT interesting it's almost not worth the time it took me to type these comments about it. This story is so blah boring, I am falling asleep just thinking about it.

I've seen this story on every entertainment show, every news channel, everywhere. Why lord why? That dress was ugly anyway!

And this is coming from someone who cannot read ENOUGH about Brangelina and their upcoming devil spawn, loves to blog about celeb break ups and is seriously personally concerned about Nicole Richie and M-K Olsen. Oh, and Lindsay Lohan.


Freebird said...
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Freebird said...

That is stupid. Must be a slow Brangelina day. They're making such a big stink about it, but does Reese even care? So what if she was told it was vintage, a dress is a dress is a dress. I obviously don't wear many of them, but who does nowadays?

(sorry, that was me above, the typo queen)

Jessey said...

I understand, I can't stand typos either.

This whole Chanel dress flap, it's giving me a headache!

Amy said...

The dresses looked a little different to me, but if you're Reese who cares, Kirsten Dunst is another one of those "I don't get why everybody loves her" actresses to me. I bet Reese isn't mad about the dress, if she's even mad at all it's probably because they just lied to her and she feels silly saying it's a vintage gown.

Amy said...

Oh and I found a great site for all us celebrity whores, it's

Jessey said...

Kirsten Dunst IS one of those overrated actresses. Overrated in terms of talent and attractiveness. I don't care at all about her, or her sham relationship with Brokeback Jake.

cube said...

Didn't she know that vintage meant previously worn?

Jessey said...

I think perhaps Reese thought that vintage meant previously worn, but by someone cool and dead, like Marilyn Monroe. But alas! Her "vintage" dress was worn by someone not cool and not dead, like Kirsten Dunst.
When they talk about this dress, do they mean THE EXACT SAME DRESS? I mean, was the exact same garment worn by Kirsten and Reese or was it just the same pattern?
Just a crazy question from my curiousity.