Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Stories from Our House

* Monday night there was a loud noise outside our front door. My husband, ever brave, grabs a hammer and heads out the dining room window...Um, our back door is broken so we use the window instead, that's a whole other story...
Turns out, it was just a cat in the garbage can. Good thing he had that hammer!

* Conclusive proof that my mind is not working.
Monday morning I started a load of laundry, Hot Wash, Cold Rinse AND then turned on the aforementioned horrible dishwasher to "wash" some dishes.
Then I got into the shower.
I am college educated by the way.
The shower started out tepid and ended up icy. I managed to wash and condition my hair, and nothing else. I felt like I was camping. It was horrible.
Elizabeth stood outside the shower and screamed for the whole two minutes I was in there freezing.
It was quite relaxing.

* Sunday afternoon Dylan had a diaper incident so fierce that I had to do a load of laundry. He was sitting in his bouncer seat. I heard a little "poot poot" and checked him, only to find his products spewing forth. The bouncer seat cover was soaked. I put him on my bed and opened up his clothes to discover product all over the inside of the clothes. I was screwed. He was screaming.
I resigned myself to a large load of poo laundry and just stripped him right there on my bed, getting product all over my fitted sheet. I used maybe 15 wipeys to clean him off and he still had to get right into a bath. It was heinous but he was lucky I was home and that he was not left alone with his daddy, who would have probably panicked and passed out.
No pictures available!


Sar said...

Hey Jessey! Thanks for your really funny caption. Seems we have much in common in addition to being SAHMs. Put it this way, I'm bummed House is a repeat tonight. :)

Jessey said...

House is a repeat!?!
What other tragedy can befall me today?
This is horrible.
I'll watch anyway!

Meredith said...

Is this for real? This is what I have to look forward to? Man, I hope Kevin learns how to change these poopie diapers for me..

eaf said...

Chris changes most of the poopie diapers. He is my hero. However, when Athena was six months old, we took her to SeaWorld (yes, we are insane) and when she pooped in my lap (all over both our clothes) at a nice restaurant, we realized we had left the diaper bag IN THE CAR!!! Hilarity ensued, and I wore green tinted denim overalls the rest of the day. Ain't parenting great?!

Jessey said...

I've met Kevin and you've probably got a 75 percent chance of at least SOME poopy diaper changing. He's just that kind of guy.