Monday, March 20, 2006

Good Grief. I'm Lame

Things I'm Embarrassed to Admit I Check For Everyday On Yahoo! News:

1: Brangelina's wedding: I hate them, yet, I'm obsessed.

2: Britney's pregnancy confirmation
3: Britney's divorce confirmation

4: The birth of the spawn of TomKat! And all those cute little Thetans!

5: The death of Regis's inevitable, right?


Amy said...

Yeah I have not seen that "Britney's pregnant" thing anywhere but here. I think you were duped!

Jessey said...

No way!
It's in all the trashy magazines, with pics of Brit looking chunky and headlines like "Britney: Fat or Pregnant?!?"

Check it out here and here.

Amy said...

No I mean I haven't seen it confirmed anywhere except that article you posted.

Jessey said...

Oh, right, it's still not confirmed, but if she's not pregster, she's got a serious Cheeto problem.
She's getting all chunky, and wearing bikinis! She's gotta know that she looks pregnant in those things, either she IS or she doesn't care that we all think she's a lardo.