Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Will Work for Job

Ever since we got our big snow, Bob's been out of work. His boss told them they would be laid off because of the weather and to file for unemployment.
We're still waiting to get that unemployment check and our money is swiftly running out. With me not working and him not working, we're screwed.
I just paid almost $300 in phone, electric and cable bills and that used up a lot of the funds leftover from our tax refund check.
The thing that sucks the most is that Bob found out over the weekend that while he was sitting at home out of work all last week, his boss was working three other guys. Bob is supposed to be the foreman for that company, and he was just three shades shy of fire engine red mad when he found out that his boss was passing him over for work. He didn't even call Bob at all last week.
Finally his boss called this morning to put Bob back to work, but it may already be too late as Bob had gone to town to find another job.
If ever our inheritance check is going to come, now would be a great time!
I hate being dead broke, and we're getting damn close.

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Chris said...

I'm sorry to hear that. :-( I hope you guys manage to get out of that hole. That can't be any fun.