Monday, March 20, 2006

Rub a Dub Dub, BabyRub and the Tub

Elizabeth has strep throat. We found out, at of all places, her well-child checkup.
She got put on antibiotics and seems to be getting better.
But she had a rough couple of nights in there where she wasn't sleeping much and was keeping her dad up while her brother worked me over.
Nice tag team job kids.
So, Saturday night I guess she was super cranky. She came out of her room saying her nose hurt but she wouldn't blow it and she was acting all fussy and stuffy. So Bob rubbed some Vicks BabyRub on her. It's like VapoRub but not as !!SHAZAAM!!
He did the same thing in the middle of the night when she woke up again complaining of a stuffy nose. But that second time, he accidentally left the lid off.

She woke him up again around 6 am. She was covered in BabyRub. Forehead, nose, chest, up her arms, on her BACK, in her hair.
Bob said she was about a half-inch deep in BabyRub so he wiped as much off as he could and then threw her in the tub to wash off the rest.

And that is how our Sunday morning started!


Amy said...

At least she is giving you great stories for when she brings that first boyfriend home. Ha! That must just be one of those things where you are just laughing and wondering how in the world she got the idea to do that, that you can't even get mad.

Jessey said...

It was really super funny to me because I was not involved in any way in the clean up process.
I told Bob last night that he's finally had his first major mess crisis. The kind of mess where you must immediately adjourn the child to the bathtub. That was his first.
I had three last week!

eaf said...

That is the BEST story. I am still laughing here. And I totally predict it will happen in our house one day.

eva said...

HEehee. I love it. Several years ago, when one of my cousins was about three, she snuck off to my aunt's bathroom where she found an unattended bottle of Vaseline lotion. Her favorite. A few minutes later she quietly walked into the living room, her hair COATED in vaseline. At first, we thought she had gotten into the shampoo, then the distinct lotion overtook the room. It's my absolute favorite story about her. She's about 10 now and HATES it when I tell that story. I still think it's great.

Jessey said...

In California we had friends whose two little girls got into the medicine cabinet, got the Vaseline (not the lotion, the actual greasy Vaseline) and smeared it all over themselves AND all over the bathroom. Like ALL OVER.
Toilet lid, bathtub, in the girls' hair, on the mirror, everywhere.
The whole operation took about 2 minutes.
Kids are sneaky, and quick.