Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Jessica Simpson May Want to Adopt Kids

Oh good grief!
This has got "no wire hangers, ever!" written ALL over it!

She obviously just wants to be Angelina Ho-lie. Witness the bad collegen injected lips, the ditching of her husband, the wearing of vials of blood...oh no wait...Jessica's still got some things to work on...

1. Start to love knives
2. Become bisexual
3. Get ill-advised tattoos a la BillyBob
4. Win Oscar
5. Inappropriately kiss Ashlee at Academy Awards
6. Steal Brad Pitt away

Then she'll be golden.


cube said...

These people are all disgraceful. They don't make celebrities like they used to.

Freebird said...

They're all wackos now.

Amy said...

I just wonder why all these people have to adopt babies from foreign countries. There are plenty of kids here that need to be adopted. Just look in foster care.

Jessey said...

I just don't understand why J.Simp would think that now, going through a divorce in her mid-twenties, is the best time to become a mother...

Oh, and Meg Ryan and her ridiculous lips and her new Chinese baby...don't even get me started.
She CHANGED the baby's name from whatever it was in China to Charlotte and then CHANGED HER MIND AGAIN and named the kid Daisy. That baby girl has no chance whatsoever of turning out normally.
She can start a support group with Maddox and Zahara and all the other celebbabys.