Friday, March 03, 2006

Kid Rock: Stapp 'Idiot' for Losing Tape

Hmmm. Yes Kid Rock. Scott Stapp is indeed an idiot. However, I'm not sure if misplacing a raunchy sex tape is the reason for his idiocy or merely a symptom.

Perhaps next time these *ahem* artists get together for banging groupies on the tour bus, cooler heads will prevail, and no cinematographic proof will result.

By the way, nice hat Rock.

I might...yes, I have to throw up now.


Freebird said...

Kid Rock is nasty. I'd pay money NOT to see his tape!

Jessey said...

Is there some sort of payment plan for that?
Three payments of just $19.99 erases this whole incident from my memory?? Please? Make it so!

cube said...

The hardest part is picking the biggest idiot in this whole mess when there is so much stoopid to go around.