Sunday, March 05, 2006

Stupid L.A. Papers Give Her the Edge

My mom wins our limited Oscar pool this year, having picked the winners in four of the top five categories (all acting and Best Picture).
It's only because she lives near Los Angeles and thus gets the L.A. papers, otherwise she'd have no clue and I'd clean up. Of this, I am convinced.
I only bested her in one category as I picked winner Reese "Whoever said orange was the new pink is seriously disturbed" Witherspoon and she picked Felicity "I'm a great actress but noone has heard of me even though I'm on Desperate Whorsewives, er, Housewives" Huffman aka "Viva la Sports Niiiiiiiight"

Anyway, overall I did crappy, correctly picking winners in just 10 of 24 categories, though I did get three of the four acting categories (damn you Rachel Wiesz) and even correctly picked the best Sound Mixing (which incidentally went to King Kong, a film I have never seen).

My other Oscar night impressions:

I need to buy a copy of Jurassic Park
Anne Bancroft is dead??!!?
Will Smith was Oscar nominated? I totally forgot!
Poor Martin Scorsese, no Oscar wins. But YAY! Three 6 Mafia! (Jon Stewart is the funniest man alive)
Hey Sandra Bullock! Where's your husband and why are you sitting right next to Keanu Reeves? Speed was like 12 years ago. Get over it. You're not in love with Jack Traven.

Hilary Swank is a two-time Oscar winner, yet to me, she'll always be that chick who wanted to bang Steve Sanders on 90210...not that I blame her, but still.

WHAT the hell is the matter with John Travolta's face? Stupid thetans are screwing with his eyebrows.
Jack Nicholson though, he's still crushworthy. I still love him. Tons. Too much maybe.

All in all, I missed maybe 30 minutes of the show because of family issues, and we had people over etc etc, yet I only missed the presentation of ONE award. And it was Art Direction. Good job Geisha!

What did YOU think of this year's Oscar telecast? Jon Stewart? The winners?
Was Michelle Williams robbed?
You tell me!


cube said...

Sorry Jessey, but I didn't watch. I haven't seen the Oscars since the one with The Silence of The Lambs sweep.

I was angry that I missed last year's award to Annie Lennox for the LOTR song. She's my favorite. Other than that, I really don't even miss it.

Freebird said...

My biggest impression is that if I ever win an Oscar with someone else I'm going up to the mike FIRST! Second person gets the shaft. A few times the music start playing and second person didn't even get a chance.

I missed some of it out of boredom, but there are my impressions:

Reese Witherspoon - YAY!

Michelle Williams did a great job too.

Tom Hanks is looking OLD.

John Travolta is looking fat and strange. Must be the eyebrows.

Jack Nicholson is still creepy looking to me.

John Stewart is hot.

I was surprised when Crash won. I just new Brokeback Mountain was going to take it.

Why did they keep showing shots of Keira Knightly? I don't think she's "all that." Another creepy looking person if you ask me.

Amy said...

I totally forgot about Will Smith being nominated for Ali too! And Crash sucked tooties!

I thought the sweetest thing was on ABC in a pre-Oscar interview with Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams. They asked him something along the lines of what has been the greatest thing about this whole Brokeback thing, and he said, "The best thing is this lovely lady next to me, and the lovely little lady we have waiting for us at home."

Jessey said...

Aw, that is sweet.
Who knew Heath Ledger was nice?
He seems like a real jerk, he just gives off a jerky vibe.

eaf said...

Jon Stewart rocked. I had a lot of fun watching, and I havne't seen ANY of the movies this year, except Harry Potter and Narnia. Good God, I'm such a parent.

Sar said...

Now this was a fun wrap up of the Oscars and winners. Speaking winners, congrats, Jessey, on being voted one of the caption contest winners! :)

eva said...

I wouldn't say Michelle Williams was robbed, but I was surprised by the Rachel Weisz win. For once, this year I've seen most of the nominated movies, the most notable exceptions being Capote and Good Night and Good Luck. That said, I thought Brokeback was the better story while Crash was the better film. OH! and George Clooney is one hot mofo. My love him was only further cemented. siiiiiiiigh

Jessey said...

Yes, mad mad love to the Clooney.
He really HAS come a long way from that mullet on the Facts of Life and Roseanne. I watch the early Roseanne reruns on Nick at Nite at like 2 am just to catch a glimpse of vintage Clooney hotness. (Actually, no, I'm up feeding the baby and I channel surf whilst he eats)
Ah, Clooney.