Friday, March 17, 2006

Two days, two funny stories


My daughter has a set of magnetic numbers (she's calls them A-C-Cs).
Thursday night I found three numbers on my bedroom floor and picked them up.
I put them on the dishwasher.

Bob comes in and sees the numbers.

"I think we're in real trouble Bob." I said.
"Look at those numbers. It's 6-6-6"
"Oh, she can't do that in this house!" Bob said.

Then he took the three sixes and put on on the fridge, one on stove and one on the dishwasher to split up the evil.

Since I can't cuss, I want Bob to quit too. So I am saying cuss-jar whenever he cusses.

Bob: (String of expletives uttered while painting the dining room)
Me: I hate it when you cuss. Especially effing b and effing c.
Bob: I don't know what you're effing saying.


eva said...

I commend your efforts to cut the cussing -- especially around the kids. I was at dinner last night and kept shooting my friends dirty looks when they dropped f-bombs right next to a 2-year-old. I don't mind it around friends, but it seems wrong to let loose around kids. That said... I am seriously concerned about my language the next time I see the Evans kids. Will you make me pay up if I cuss? If so, I may be funding their college educations...

Freebird said...

Splitting up the evil is a good idea. I've seen Poltergiest and you don't want to chance letting any evil in, even the A-C-C kind.

Your hubby's a smart man.

Jessey said...

E- If your potty mouth offers me the chance to fund my childrens' education then hell YES I'll fine you for cussing.
Bob refuses to participate in the cuss jar. He offered to throw in a $20 at the beginning of the week to call it square.
I should take him up on that offer!

cube said...

Funny. You should have Elizabeth put up 3-3-3 instead. That's only half evil ;-)

Jessey said...

I figured out why she prefers the 6s and 9s. they each have little holes like rings and she wears them on her fingers.
It's very cute.