Thursday, April 20, 2006

Adios Ace!

I had originally picked Ace as a frontrunner in this Idol season. I picked him to win in fact. Oh, but I could not see far enough into the future.
I could not see this horrible ponytail situation that he pulled out of his coiffure bag o' tricks.

Not only that, BUT he sang MY WEDDING SONG and totally butchered it. Butchered. It.
Simon Cowell said he was nasally, I agree. His voice is thin and nasally and completely devoid of warm tones. Ace (who's REAL name is Brett) is no Michael Buble. No sir!
NOT ONLY THAT! But "Ace" has a brother named Duff. Ew.
From "Ace's" AI bio:

Most embarrassing moments?
"7 years old, I walked face first into a mailbox while talking with a love interest."

A love interest? Who talks like that?
Someone named Brett Ace Young.
Adios "Ace"

Now my money is on Daughtry.

Or MAYBE the Pickler. "What's a ballsy?" Uh-duuuuuuuuh. She's so smart.


Amy said...

My sister had him in our American Idol poll. Surprise she did not call last night or e-mail us this morning. I have Chris. My husband has Taylor. Me thinks one of the Newmans shall win it all.

I can't watch more than 5 seconds of the show because it's crap and I hate Ryan Seacrest. "If you didn't vote, you can't complain!" "Taylor, pick which group you think is staying!" Argh! On Tuesday we were eating dinner when it started, and I started screaming, SCREAMING, that if I were at the studio I would be stabbing Ryan in the eyes with my fork, stabbing the fork at the TV while I screamed. I HATE HIM!

Jessey said...

Did you see that he just bought an $11.5 million mansion.
Ryan Goddamn Seacrest.
That no-talent ass clown.

I betcha that Brian Dunkleman has a friggin Seacrest voodoo doll.
He must REALLY hate Seacrest. Much more than the normal hatred the rest of America feels for him.

I think it's definitely a white guy's year to win Idol. It's in the odds. A white guy is due.

Jessey said...

Oh, and i HATE that "pick the group that's safe" stunt.
I totally HATE IT

If I was Taylor I would have punched Seacrest in the throat.

Did you hear after Simon said "Ace I think you're leaving us tonight" Paula started chirping "Why? why? why?"
Shut up crackhead!

Oh man, Idol makes me all crazy!

Amy said...

I turned back to Alias after they went to commecial break after that Taylor fiasco. I liked though how he didn't look amused - that even after he was alone on the couch and told he was safe, he didn't look happy or do his crazy dance. He was either nervous he was going, or very pissed at the way they were doing it. And I HATE how when he divides them into two groups people clap. WHY ARE YOU CLAPPING! You don't know which group is good, so half the time you're clapping "Yay, you're in the bottom 3!"

I used to listen to Seacrest on the radio when I lived in LA. I met him once. He looks older than he is (he's supposedely the same age as me and I think I was 24 at the time) and is only about two inches taller than me.

I saw Dunkleman on some show recently, talking about how successful Ryan is. He said he thinks often about how he left, where his career could be, etc. But he said in the end, he still thinks that the show is just too mean to the contestants and so he doesn't really regret it.

eaf said...

Both Chris and Pickler are from NC, so I'm pulling for both, although I prefer Daughtry as he seems to have a brain. Rumor has it that Kelly fakes her stupidity though, which may very well be true. Doin' what she has to do to get people to remember her and think she's cute.

Dautry is actually from very close to where I grew up. It's entirely possible he went to my high school. I keep meaning to look into that.

Having said all that, I agree that they are the best on the show... hands down. I haven't seen every episode, but I saw Chris sing Dead or Alive and he was almost as good as Jon. I don't say that lightly. I *heart* Jon Bon Jovi.

Jessey said...

I have an embarrassing collection of Bon Jovi videos.
There. My secret's out!