Friday, April 14, 2006


At the petrified forest there is an exhibit of the dinosaurs that used to roam the area...I guess...or something like that.
Elizabeth was thrilled.

No, really. She was totally into the whole dinosaur thing. She made my mom and I look at each exhibit over and over again, until we finally bribed her with the promise of McDonalds to get her to go back to the car and call it a day.

When we got home, she was all over us again, making us read all her dinosaur books and anything that had even a lizard in it. I fear we've created a monster.
An Eliza-saurus.
Like a Ross-asaurus....anyone with me?

Oh yeah, Dylan was there too, but he was much less into the dinosaurs and more into sleeping and eating.
Here he is trying to avoid getting his picture taken.
They've got Easter / all cousins pictures to take tomorrow. Those of you familiar with the Christmas picture debacle of 2005, please, wish me luck!


Amy said...

I was always a bit confused as to why everybody thought Ross was a nerd for being a paleontologist. So science stuff aside, I think studying dinosaur bones and going on digs is pretty dang cool. He plays for a living and cane say whatever he wants because what, can he really be disproved wrong that the dinosaur had scales and not bumpy chicken skin?

Jessey said...

Well, look at that bunch: a chef, an actor, a massage therapist, a fashionista and Chandler - could he BE any less identifiably employed?

"He's a...a...transponster!"
"That's not even a word!"

They were just JEALOUS of Ross.