Saturday, April 15, 2006

Scrambled Eggs

It's not until tomorrow, but we've already done some Easter activities here.
Last Saturday was the town's Easter Egg Hunt, which was more like an egg scramble since all the eggs were out in the open and you just had to scoop them up.
Anyway, I brought the kids and met up with some friends of mine there to partake in the festivities.
Elizabeth, unlike most of the other kids, wasn't all hyper and crazy to scramble for eggs. She was really much more interested in the balloons that kept flying away from the park and the various dogs people had brought with them.
She did get up the energy to scramble for the eggs though and got about six of them all on her own. She promptly (and quite perceptively) started popping the eggs open to see what her presents were. Mostly chocolates but some salt water taffy, which I found odd since it's so chewy and a choking hazard. Obviously it wasn't a mom who filled the eggs.
There was also a raffle and when you registered for the egg hunt you were entered into the raffle. Elizabeth won! Well, she was one of about eight kids in her age group who won a prize. She won a Mr. Potato Head. Very cool.
Also, three other kids named Dylan won in his age group, but MY Dylan was not one of them.
Ah well.
One big prize winner a day is all this family can handle I suppose!

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Freebird said...

Sounds like a nice day. Go Elizabeth!