Sunday, April 16, 2006


Elizabeth did pretty well in the segregated by age, cousins only Easter Egg Hunt.
There are three cousins age three and below and three cousins age six and above, oh, and then there's Dylan, who did not participate.
So we evenly split about 800 eggs, including some with money in them, among two egg hunting grounds.

Once the little'uns decimated their area, they moved onto the big kids area and continued to pick up eggs and candy.
Here is Elizabeth getting some help from her Uncle Mike with a tricky egg in the big kids area.
It was a fun day.
Happy Easter everyone!


Chris said...

800 eggs between 6 kids? Holy crap. Were they all painted?

Jessey said...

I exaggerate. It was probably more like 150-200 eggs for six kids.
Most of them were of the plastic variety, though my sister in law insisted on hiding some ACTUAL eggs out there. Ew.
That is just yucky to me.

Chris said...

OK, 25 a piece isn't too bad. I was simultaneously horrified and impressed.

Jessey said...

In our defense, and I think that 25 candy stuffed eggs apiece is still way too many, these eggs were supplied by four different families (my husband's sister and two brothers and us) so everyone arrived with 50 eggs stuffed with candy to hide, more or less.

Our refrigerator is a testament to the excess that was the Easter ham lunch, we have copious quantities of hardboiled eggs, homemade potato salad, cheesecake and of course, the ham itself. I'm not cooking for three to four days, easily.