Wednesday, April 26, 2006


In Wendy's:
I'm in line for a Sour Cream and Chive Potato, which are delicious by the way, when this woman cuts past the eight-person line and heads right up to the counter.
She tosses her opened up burger on the counter and says to the bewildered Wendy's employee "Is THIS how you make your burgers?"

Wendy's employee: "Uh, yes. Is there something wrong with it?"

Disgruntled woman: "It's very SLOPPY."

He asked her if she wanted another one, she said yes and then stood there waiting for it.

Sloppy? Hon, it's a burger, not a friggin paint job. It all ends up a chewed up glob in your belly anyway! Plus, that sandwich probably cost you 99 cents, so just shut your trap, then open it again and eat your damn "sloppy" sandwich.

PS, this woman was not all put together herself, by the way. It looked like she was days out from her last shower experience.

And as an added bonus, this was witnessed by me today at the post office.

An older man (50ish) opens up the passenger side door of his truck, climbs inside and gets behind the wheel. It is then that I notice that while the truck itself is painted with gray primer, he has SPRAYPAINTED a flame motif on the side. And not a fancy spraypaint job either, a solid red, "sloppy" job.
He then puts the truck into neutral, starts sliding backwards out of the space and then turns over his engine...which incidentally was like a rocket engine in volume.
It scared the crap out of Dylan, literally.


Freebird said...

Ah, poor Dylan.

Amy said...

I think that when you have a complaint you need to stand back in line and wait. Just because you've been served doesn't mean you should jump to the front.

Jessey said...

There was no shortage of rude folks skipping past the line to get ranch dressing, show off their sloppy burgers and very very many who were requesting drink refills. Um, if the refill station is located BEHIND the counter, there are NO FREE REFILLS.
But to the Wendy's employees' credit they just gave the rudies their refills. Plus, soda syrup is like the cheapest thing on earth even though we pay a buck and a half for a small soda, it probably costs Wendy's 3 cents.

cube said...

There's no shortage of rude people in the world.

Jessey said...

Indeed no shortage at all.
It's sad.

At least the counter folks weren't rude back, I hate that the most.

I had some piddly drive thru guy get smart with me one day, I about rammed my car into the side of the place.
I have anger management issues.