Wednesday, April 26, 2006

As promised



Amy said...

Oh congratulations! Not just on the money, but on the entire ordeal being over. I can only imagine how draining it was. I hope it causes your troubles to ease a little.

Jessey said...

Oh yes.
Just knowing that we'll be paying off some loans very soon and have some money in the bank is very nice.
I can breathe easier. I can go food shopping without a very very strict list!
I may go buy a new dining room table inexpensive one, but one that's not half metal and all crapola.
The world is my oyster! Well, I can get the things i need.
I'm no Trump, but I'm not dead-ass broke anymore!

Chris said...

Congrats. Now if my two year long ordeal can finally end, that would be something.

Freebird said...


Jessey said...

Chris, you will feel such relief when it's all over. I already feel 1000 times better than before.