Thursday, April 27, 2006

Why Didn't You Pick Pickler!

Another 'Idol' Booted; Five Remain

Pickler is gone! Pickler is gone!
Why lord why is Pickler heading back to Albemarle, N.C. to pick up her old job as a Sonic carhop when that no talent hack Taylor Hicks is still hanging out kicking over mic stands and spazzing around stage like Paula Abdul on a double dose.

Taylor better be the next to go, or Paris. I have zero tolerance for anyone named Paris, be they Hiltons, Latsis' or Bennetts.


Chris said...

My friend Jason did an excellent review of who sang this week, what they did right and wrong, and who would go. He was 100% accurate in, at least, that Kellie would be off. I don't watch, so I assume the rest is right. What I read in the paper this morning seems to back his analysis though.

He even put up a list of rules to follow in order to win. It's funny with him referencing them - "Ooh, she broke rule #7 in a big way"

Jessey said...

That is a very good recap of AI, though it's hard to think that the contest is at all fair given the way that Simon seems to decide on performance night who is to go and then caps on them and then America goes "Ok Simon, whatever you say"
Though, that doesn't explain the long tenure of Chicken Little.