Thursday, April 06, 2006

Today's THE Day!

Goodbye bad tooth!
Welcome home nice, loving husband!

The transition from grumpy old man to toothless sweetheart is scheduled for 2 p.m. today.
Updates will follow!


Chris said...

Which tooth was it?

eva said...

Do tell. Any improvement? Poor Bob. :(

Jessey said...

It was actually TWO teeth in the back, not wisdom teeth, but around that area. Very sad.
They are gone now. He's still getting over the surgery pain but he said his head isn't throbbing constantly anymore, so that is good.
After TWO abscesses we finally got insurance to cover the removal.
He's got TWO more on the other side that have to go too...
So, hey, remember to brush and floss, it's super important.

Amy said...

Was he groggy from the anesthesia? My hubby had his wisdom teeth out last New Year's. His mouth was packed with gauze, and he couldn't sleep for two hours after the surgery otherwise he'd 1) swallow the gauze and/or 2) swallow a lot of blood and wake up puking. So i had to keep him awake for two hours. Which was HARD because he 1) wanted to sleep and 2) literally asked me if it was time to take out the gauze every 2 minutes because he was so drugged up. AND when it was finally able to take out the gauze, he actually came up to me, pulled his cheek back with his finger and waited for me to change it for him. I could not even be mad or annoyed b/c it was so hilarious.

Jessey said...

He just got shots of novocaine at the tooth. He didn't get any anesthesia AND he drove himself home. 45 minutes.
He's crazy tough.
Or just crazy.