Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Did He Do The Morning Mambo?

I just got off the phone with my husband. He only left for work an hour ago, so I was thinking, oh crap, did he crash the truck we just paid for??


Bob went over to his boss' house this morning before work. He pulled up in the driveway and saw two cop cars and a Game and Fish truck. Bob's boss lives in the middle of town, right by the school complex.
"What the hell is going on here?" he said.

He looked around and saw a giant pile of poo.
"That's bear poo! I better tell my boss that there's a bear hanging out in his yard."

That's when he heard:
"You better look out over there," a cop with a tranquilizer rifle warned him. "That bear's about to fall."
The cop pointed up into a tree and Bob looked up to see a juvenile black bear, the size of a large Great Dane, drowsily perched in a tree.

As Bob stepped back, the bear slipped off the branch and fell to the ground.
Then the G&F guys and the cops along with Bob and his boss loaded the bear into the G&F truck to be taken for observation and then released back into the woods.
He said at one point during the transfer, the bear moved and all the guys went running like scared schoolgirls.
Bob said the cops wouldn't let him grab the bear's head, though he wanted to, instead, he took up the rear.

"I touched his balls!"
"Well, not on purpose!"

When he talked to Elizabeth about it he told her he had "Breakfast With Bear," and she was totally excited about that.

And how did your day start out?


cube said...

Wow! Nothing so exotic. I just took my daughters to get braces.

Chris said...

haha. A Playhouse Disney reference. Awesome.

Freebird said...

Not as exciting as that that's for sure.

Jessey said...

Isn't that nuts!? It's Bob's birthday today too, so he got a wildlife birthday present today in the form of bear balls. How can I top that?