Friday, May 19, 2006

Oops, she did it again...well, almost

Britney Spears Tries to Accelerate Her Son's Brain Damage!

Someone else got my dream job. Dammit!
Britney, it seems, heeded my advice and has hired someone to follow her around and keep her from killing her kid SPF.
Good job Brit!

I'm still available though, so keep me in mind when you squeeze out Federspears #2.


Freebird said...

I saw this. There were other pictures with this one that showed her holding a drink in the other hand. She didn't let go of the drink in order to rescue her kid. Crazy broad!

Amy said...

You know it's gotta be hard to have people photographing you all the time catching every single bad thing you do. The driving with him in her lap was a bad thing, but the others - not smart, but nothing more than other stupid parents do. I'm sure she's not as awful as she appears.

Jessey said...

I agree, I think if someone followed me around in public constantly, there'd be no shortage of pictures of me accidentally bonking Elizabeth's head on the car door, forgetting to buckle someone into their car seat, etc etc.
In fact, yesterday I was at McDs with my two kids and my SIL and I gave Dylan a taste of the vanilla soft serve they have there, deliiiiicious.

Me: "Thank God I'm not Britney Spears or else the paparazzi would be here taking pictures of me giving my infant ice cream and they'd be all over the National Equirer."

MY SIL: "Why are you looking around for photographers? They're not here."

Me: "Oh yeah."

cube said...

When I saw this on Fox this morning I thought of you. I knew you would post about it and we would all have a big laugh over Britney's latest baby faux pas.

Jessey said...

I love Brit, don't get me wrong. I really do love her. I own the Greatest Hits CD and everything. She just really really needs to get her act together.
Or go into seclusion until she figures it out. And dump Greaseball Freeloaderline.

eaf said...

I am no fan of Ms. Spears, but I have to admit that I am really impressed that she has her kid on her own so much... no nanny in sight. I know she HAS a nanny, but she is also clearly being a parent too. Good to see.

(Not that all who have nannies don't parent their children... I'm just saying...)

Jessey said...

Well, she HAD a nanny, but the nanny dropped SPF on his head, doing him no favors.
I don't know if she ever replaced the nanny with one with surer hands.

Amy said...

And she probably fired the nanny only b/c the dropping was all over the news and she felt obligated too. My hubby's dad dropped him out of the high chair when he was little - same kind of incident, I think, he thought it was secure and it wasn't and wham! goes David. Although, a few years later his parents got divorced so maybe that was my MIL's version of firing the nanny. That kind of stuff happens all the time. I was babysitting once and bent to pick something up and back goes the baby, same thing as Britney. It was scary and I had dreams of brain damage. But things happen.

Jessey said...

Things do happen, I've accidentally done some not great things to my kids, they're so floppy when they're young you really have to be super careful.

I've never asked my kid to drive a getaway car though, ahem, Brit.