Monday, June 19, 2006

Good Thoughts

This guy is my brother in law Todd. That's Elizabeth at maybe two days old he's holding in this picture.
Anyway, Todd is getting emergency gall bladder removal surgery this afternoon. Everything should go fine, but let's send some good thoughts his way!


Amy said...

And good thoughts to you too for your doctor's appointment!

Jessey said...

Here's a good update. I just got the call from the counseling place saying that I'll get my Lexapro either today or tomorrow! Yahoo!
I have no idea whether or not it will work, but, here's hoping!

Amy said...

Ack, I just saw that they changed your U/S to Friday. So sucky!

Jessey said...

AND! Grr. they just called me back and said that the nurse wants to talk with me more about using Lexapro before they'll prescribe it. Seriously...they're pissing me off.
It's been two months since I started trying to get help from them. They finally decide I need medication and it's gonna take a WEEK before they'll even write the prescription. That's crap. If I need it, I need it now. Right?

Jessey said...

Holy crap! Good work guys. The positive thoughts you sent worked! Todd isn't getting his gall bladder out after all. Now they are going to take out his tonsils.
So aim those good thoughts about two feet higher! Thanks!

cube said...

OK, I add my good thoughts to those of everyone else.

BTW first GB then tonsils? How did that happen? The pain associated with these aren't even close.

Jessey said...

I have NO idea.

It's truly the wackiest hospital trip ever, when your gallstones turn into tonsilitis.