Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"Lotsa pee pees"

This morning, Elizabeth woke up, ran out to greet me and said:

"Elizabeth, lotsa pee pees," and grabbed her crotch like Michael Jackson.

Then she ran into her room, got a new pull up and laid on the floor to be changed.

Why won't she just make lotsa pee pee in the potty?? Oh, and she looks like she was attacked by a dirt bomb. She was.


cube said...

She'll get it one of these day & then you can start all over again with Baby D.

Jessey said...


Amy said...

Maybe when she does this you should say, "No! No way! You do lotsa pee pees in the potty!"

Chris said...

heh. Good luck with that. Athena tells me she has to go potty, but totally doesn't do anything and wants her diaper back so she can go. *sigh*

Jessey said...

That's exactly what Elizabeth does too.