Friday, August 18, 2006

Mouse In The House, Part 554687

In my rush to renovate my life (see aforementioned hair traumas) I decided to finally paint my bedroom.
I've had the paint sitting in the house for about two months, maybe three. It was definitely time to paint or get off the, or something like that.

I painted 3.5 of my four walls the first day. Two coats and trim and everything. The last .5 of the walls was behind the giant entertainment center and the heavy dressers. I saved that for last.

I waited for the paint I HAD painted to dry then put the bed back where it belongs. Then I took a break for a day and a half. Yesterday, I got a wild hair to move the heavy furniture myself and finish the job.

I moved the entertainment center first and almost toppled it right over onto my children. Whoops. That was a close one.
Then I got started on the dresser. I started inching it away from the wall, inching, inching. It's very heavy, especially since all my clothes were still inside of it and I didn't take anything off of the top of the I said, wild hair.

Something inside me told me to look behind the dresser...and there he (or she) was - a tiny brown mouse.

At first I wasn't sure if it was dead or not. So I shook the dresser and it twitched. Alive.
I went out to find Louie.

When I got back (Louie-less) the mouse was gone. I found him behind my curtain.
I pulled the curtain back and he ran...ooh, did he run.
Out of my room, through the living room, past the bookshelves, into the hallway and into one of the kids' rooms. I didn't see him run into a room, so I don't know which room he's in now.
Elizabeth's floor is COVERED in all her little toys and crap. If the mouse is in there, I may never find him. Dylan's room is much much less messy, but when I looked in there, I didn't see a mouse at all.
So, the strategy I've been employing is to throw Louie into one of the rooms and shut the door and hope he comes up with something.
In the meantime, I'm on red alert for mice. Dead ones, live ones, what have you.
Keep your fingers crossed for me...I'm going this one alone.

Oh and I never did get around to painting that wall. All the excitement of a mouse running through the house dampered my enthusiasm for painting. Go figure.


Bern said...

Ok, fingers crossed for you.

Chris said...

I would come over and toss that sucker in your disposal for you, but it's a long trip.

Jessey said...

Ew. and Thanks.
Gotta find the little SOB first.

Freebird said...

EEEK! Good luck!

cube said...

I'm betting that Louie will get the little sucker.

Jessey said...

that's a pretty safe bet.

eva said...

In Louie we trust.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I hope Louie is the cat.

Jessey said...

Uh, yeeeaaaah! Where have you been Anonymous?
This blog is a chronicle of the sadistic exploits of my cat Louie, and the horrifying sadistic comments of the not-to-be-outdone Chris.