Friday, October 13, 2006

Grey's Anatomy: What the HELL!

Boy needs new heart
Girl meets boy
Boy and girl fall in "love"
Girl tries to kill boy
Boy lives anyway
Boy asks girl to marry him
Girl gets twirly whirly
Girl puts on prom dress
Boy dies
Girl lays on bathroom floor
Girl gets $8.7 million for her trouble.



Freebird said...

Denny was loaded? Where did he get that kind of money?

Amy said...

And if he was that loaded he SO would have been able to get a heart. Hello, black market!

Jessey said...

That is what I'm saying! I don't remember knowing anything about Denny being loaded.

debbie d said...

aaarghg...... i haven't watched the dvr version yet.... denny was hot. well, not hot, but, i had a think for him... must've been that voice. and the fact that he, too, could fall in love with a wishy-washy girl.... there's hope for me.

Jessey said...

Sorry Dills! I should have Spoiler tagged my post!

debbie d said...

it's all good.... that show... sucked. and left me very disappointed. in fact, the only redemable quality is that she-shephard got to be a little more humane.

debbie d said...

btw, have you seen this site?