Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stingrays are evil!

Stingray leaps into boat, stabs man in chest
What THE hell?!?

They keep saying stingray attacks are freakish accidents but maybe stingrays are tired of being all bark and no bite. I mean, they've got that giant stabbing thing, they probably are just realizing, "Hey, we could kill people with this thing!"

Or they're genetically engineered stingrays, set to destroy. Like those crazy Flavr Savr tomatoes.
Perhaps Dr. Evil has another fleet of stingrays that are outfitted with lasers. Just wait until THEY hit the market.


cube said...

Stingrays have just been biding their time. Waiting for us to think they're docile, gentle creatures and BAM! they strike us dead when we least expect it.

Run for your life! No one is safe.


Jessey said...