Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Utah Fun

More pictures on Flickr, Blogger is non-cooperative!

We took off to Utah this weekend and got back last night.
We had a great time!
So many sights to see, so many storms to drive through!

We first stopped in Snowflake, AZ to get McDonalds breakfast and get ready for the drive. The kids played on a dinosaur.

It rained all the way from outside of Flagstaff to north of Lake Powell...about two to three hours worth of rain rain rain. Basically, the whole entire time we were driving through the Navajo Reservation it was a total monsoon.

But when we got to Hatch, UT it wasn't rainy at all! The kids played on the lawn, ran around and had a great time.

We walked around town and took pictures of interesting and historical things.

On Sunday we drove an hour to Cedar City to shop for Grandpa's groceries. We
also stopped at a store called Urban Labs Clothing (which sounds like they might sell meth along with jeans, but they didn't. At least not to us). Bob got two pairs of sneakers at Urban Labs for $20. Not $20 each, $20 total. That place was SUPER cheap!
On the way back from Cedar City we stopped at the summit in Cedar Canyon to take pictures and let the kids play in the snow.

Tuesday morning we woke up and found that Hatch had been snowed on during the night. It was just a dusting, and it melted off in a couple hours, but it was still cool.
First snow!

We got home and found out that there had been no snow, rain, sprinkling, drizzles, thunder, lightning or any sort of weather here whatsoever during our vacation. Eh.
Maybe we'll get snow next week?
I'm now ready for it!


eaf said...

Ha! They MUST sell meth behind the counter to keep prices that low! Wowza!

Love the pictures. Especially Dylan sitting in the grass! Way cute!

Jessey said...

I'm bummed I couldn't put more pics on the blog. I love Blogger but goodness! It's so impossible to get pics on there. Check the flickr though, there are tons on there!

AND not only did he get two pairs of shoes for $20, he also got a free hat and I got a free necklace...just because the kid behind the counter felt bad that he couldn't break a $100 bill. WHAT?!