Friday, November 10, 2006

Save it til the morning after

Say a prayer for me, now.

I went out last night with some friends. Karaoke night.
Somehow, someone bought a bunch of shots of Hot Damn and now I'm screwed. I didn't even buy the shots, but I DID drink them.
I actually had to stay in town at a friends house because I could not see straight, let alone drive myself home.
I got back home around 10 this morning. I puked at 11:30. Slept from noon to 12:45 and now I'm just floating through the rest of the day with a killer Hot Damn headache and as Elizabeth says a "bad owie in my tummy".

Blech. Hot Damn, you bad bad thing.


debbie d said...

ouch!!!!! i fear for moments like that... takes longer to recover than it once did! hope the owie in your tummy goes away soon....

cube said...

I feel your pain. Sorry, but only time will help :-(