Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Two days ago I found Elizabeth and Dylan playing together quietly in his room. She was rediscovering all her handed-down baby toys, he was discovering how fun it is to have a big sister who already knows how to run everything he has.

Yesterday they were playing together quietly and Elizabeth ran over to me and exclaimed "I need to pee in the potty!"
Then, she ran into the bathroom (she's trying!). Apparently Dylan followed her in there.
About two minutes later, Elizabeth reappears but Dylan is not to be found. I heard his little babblings coming from the bathroom, behind the closed door. I opened the door and he was just sitting there in the ruin of the sink (we tore out the sink FYI), with a slightly sad look on his face.

"Aw, did she leave you in here alone?" I asked him, and he promptly burst into tears.
So sad.

Dylan is really in love with his sister. It's inspiring. No matter how many times she snatches her "favorite" car from his chubby little fingers, abandons him in the bathroom or pushes him over when he tries to climb onto her Power Wheels, he keeps coming back to her, getting in her face and trying to plant a big sweet wet smooch on her cheek.


And Elizabeth, for all her toy greediness, runs into Dylan's room every morning as soon as she hears his first peep of wakefulness.
"Dylan's awake!"
She bursts into his room "Hey bubbas!" and makes him smile and laugh while I fix a cup of coffee and prepare myself for a day of diapers, drool and disasters.

When I make Dylan a bottle, Elizabeth is right there helping. My little cut-off woman takes the bottle from me and runs as fast as she can to her little brother.
"Here you go baby!"

Of course, this morning she ran his bottle in to him and then proceeded to sprinkle his head with orange Pedialyte while he just sat there and accepted her anointing as her love.

Every once in a while Elizabeth will decide she really does love the little goofy boy and will tell me "Dylan is my best friend. He's nice. He's funny."
And Dylan will usually reciprocate her love by climbing up her back and grabbing a fistful of her hair.


Freebird said...

That last pic is really sweet. Should be blown up and framed. Given them 10-15 years and they'll be at each other's throat. lol

debbie d said...

i agree... the last pic is awesome. your story makes me miss my little sister.... so sweet; thanks for sharing!

Bern said...

Your post made me go "Awww.." So sweet.

Jessey said...

I have that little picture in black and white in a really cute frame. I love it.