Wednesday, November 08, 2006

An Additional Comment on the Spears/K-Fed Split

With all the election news swirling, I've had lots of time to ruminate on the Spears split. :)
I've come to the conclusion that while Britney WILL probably be better off without Fresno Federline, it IS sad that she's getting divorced, especially since she has those two little babies.
I mean little accident-prone SPF is just shy of 14 months old and JJ is not even two months on the planet.
K-Fed isn't exactly the most devoted dad either. His two kids with Shar are 4 and 2 and I don't know how he finds the time to squeeze in visitation what with his busy schedule of singing on street corners and smoking the weeds (allegedly). Also, he has to get his white-boy hair braided all the time, not to mention all the shopping for fly tracksuits.

(I want to stop capping on K-Fed, but it's so damn easy)

Do you think the split was precipitated by Britney realizing that her husband was a marginally talented back-up dancer with rap star aspirations but no cred to back it up. In short, she woke up, realized she married a chump and split?
I wonder.


Amy said...

I think she finally realized, hmm, somebody who would leave his 7-months pregnant, already has one of his babies girlfriend is not the best husband/daddy. I think she probably would have divorced him earlier but for the accidental second pregnancy. She probably decided she'd try once more to see if he would shape up.

Jessey said...

Did you see the report out that she texted him the news.
That's harsh.

Amy said...

I bet it wasn't that bad. Maybe more of a, "I filed the papers today" text.

cube said...

That girl is too dumb to formulate any kind of a viable plan. She just goes through life reacting to stuff.

Someone joked that she blackberried K-fed a tersely worded break up text message...