Saturday, March 10, 2007

Birthday Party!

*Someone* turned three yesterday and today we had a big party to celebrate the big milestone.

Three candles, one to grow on

There was music, food, dancing, a pinata, cupcakes and PRESENTS!!

Elizabeth got a new bike (replacing the trike I ran over last summer) from mom and dad and a bike helmet and pads to go with it from her Nani.

She got a babies in backpacks.

She also got a Barbie doll and these little girl dolls having a tea party....loooooots of tiny pieces, some of which are ALREADY lost. Yay!

Dylan had fun too!


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! It looks like you had an awesome party!

Jessica said...

She had a blast! I didn't even get any pix of the "pi-ata" as she called it (rhymes with Miata!)

It was Spongebob.
We did mad karate on him!