Friday, April 27, 2007


I think my brother in law is going to move in with us, at least for awhile.
He's 16 and got kicked out of his mom's house a while back. He's been staying with his dad but that's not working out great. Now he's been expelled from school for excessive tardies and absences.
He also got busted for breaking into a house and is probably going to end up with some kind of jail time or juvenile hall or something for that.

He sounds like a beast doesn't he?
He really is a nice kid. He just got into smoking weed and maybe other crap and it messed him up, got him off track.

I'm not worried about him living here at all. But I've already gotten all the alcohol out of the house so short of chugging NyQuil, he's gonna have to go drug free here.
He'll also have to go to work all day with Bob and earn money for his own groceries and stuff that he needs. But he definitely won't be going into town and hanging out with his friends all day and night the way he does now.

It'll be interesting.


debbie d said...

my advice is simple: set up boundaries for the family (i.e. you and bob) and lay them out clearly and specifically with the b-i-l. Similar situation with some friends of mine... and she nearly went crazy because the b-i-l wasn't respecting the house boundaries, and the older bro was not keen on being an authority figure ('cos he has enough of those in his life...').
remember that you have kiddies that need positive role models to mimic, and set up the situation accordingly. good luck!

Freebird said...

Good luck with that. I know all about nice kid getting off track.

Jessica said...

I have no idea what's going on with all this, but he's not here. I think he is back with his dad, at least for the time being....