Thursday, April 26, 2007


'Idol' departure: No one loses this week


This should have been the end of "Timberlike" once and for all...
Now he gets a second chance?

Eliminated next week:

Timberlike and Phil "Powder" Stacey

Has to be that way. Just has to.

Plus, I'm getting sick of MindyDoo. Yeah. Chew on that.


Meredith said...

But I LIKE Chris Timberlake! He isn't that great, but I like that he is Justin-esque. Melinda annoys me, and I think Jordin should win.

Anonymous said...

I watched 2 minutes of the special last night and started screaming that I could not stand the sound of Ryan Seacrest's voice and that if I had to hear it for another second I was going to die. Hubby then gave me the remote and left . . .okay, so he's also sick and wanted to go to bed, but still.

Ryan Seacrest makes me CRAZY. Like "the sound of Mary Hart's voice sends Kramer into seizures" crazy.

Jessica said...

Melinda annoys me too. I'm sick of listening to her sing, and that's not good.

Of course I want Jordin to win because she's from AZ. Though if she sings one more song from Mulan, I'll shoot myself.