Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hook, line and sinker. That stinker!

I am dumb and Bob thinks he's funny.
In this story, the two combine with hilarious results.

Bob's taken Elizabeth on a fishing trip to a local pond this morning. She was so excited to go, she woke up at 6 am and got herself dressed, including ill-fitting socks.

My cell phone rings, it's Bob.

Bob: What are you doing?
Me: Nothing what's up?
Bob: Hey, uh, how do you get a fishing hook out of Elizabeth's hand?
Me: WHAT?!?!?!?
Bob: April Fools!
Me: You're a jerk. Good joke.


Anonymous said...

My father in law called us at 8 AM! to say that A-Rod had been traded to the Angels. Then when David called him back to talk about it, his dad said, "It's not true. It was an April Fool's Joke somebody played on me."

Jessica said...

It was just a few hours after Bob's hilarious joke that our computer monitor went out. I called him to complain about it and bemoan the fact that we might need to buy a new one. He THOUGHT I was trying to prank him, but I was not.
Eventually though, I fixed the monitor and all was well. Another crisis, averted!