Thursday, April 26, 2007

Some bunny came to visit

Yesterday afternoon I settled in to watch Days of Our Lives, sort laundry and fold clothes while Dylan napped. Elizabeth was playing a Garfield computer game, learning the ABCs and how stupid Odie really is.

While I was in my room straightening up and vacuuming the floor, I remembered that the night before the animals were terribly preoccupied with a piece of wrapping paper that had fallen between my dresser and the wall.
Fearing the worst, I moved the paper....

Crouched there, so still I couldn't tell if it was alive or dead, was a tiny little baby rabbit. Tiny. Size of my fist.

I freaked out. The dog freaked out, grabbed the bunny and started running through the house with him, I assume giving the bunny the tour since he just kept dropping him in various rooms and then chasing him down. The bunny got a nice tour of under the shelf near the entertainment center AND corner of the kitchen.

But most of the bunny's tour took place under my bed and bedside table.

I frantically called Bob.

"I can't come home to get a rabbit. I'm in Concho (an hour's drive away)," he said. "Just let Sawyer get it."

"Ok," I said, broomstick firmly in hand, ready to whack!

Eventually, Sawyer became disinterested and I put a baby gate across our doorway so the dog could come out, but the bunny could not. Quarantined.
Then we waited for Bob.

He came home a few hours later, quickly located the still alive and unharmed bunny and released him to the wild.
But not before we took some pictures of the trespasser!


Anonymous said...

You were scared of a bunny? And you were going to let your dog kill it? A BUNNY!

Jessica said...

I was TOTALLY scared of a bunny. They are just rats with cute ears!
Once the dog decided he wanted a piece of the bunny, there was really nothing I could do about it.
Rest easy. The bunny is back in the wild, alive.

Anonymous said...

But you considered killing a bunny. That is so not LOL.

Jessica said...

No. Not LOL.
But, they are just cute rodents. I'd smash a rat no worries.

Andrea said...

That is such a cute tiny bunny! I'm glad he was released into the wild.

eaf said...

He is a cute little rodent, inn't he? Careful... they bite!

Jessica said...

That's why Bob is wearing my very protective gardening gloves.
Stupid bunnies.