Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Oh, we had so much fun at the zoo! Here's the pics to prove it. I rode a camel!

We also went to the Arizona Science Center, which was a little too advanced for the kids, but, they had fun anyway!

We came home from Phoenix on Sunday and Dylan and I promptly got sick. Sick sick sick.
I had to leave work at 10:45 am to meet Bob at the kids' doctor because though Bobby WAS home watching them, he got called into work and Dylan (with double ear infection and fever) could NOT go to daycare so I had to leave work and take them home.
I might get fired. But, oh well, what can I do? I HAVE TO take care of my kids. They are my first priority, regardless.
Dylan is still sleeping this morning. I am feeling better. We are both on antibiotics. Good times!
I made his room a sauna last night with the humidifier, hoping to steam out some of the boogers and infections. Here's hoping!


Anonymous said...

Is that a real elephant Elizabeth is sitting on?

Jessica said...

Nah. It's a statue. But it IS a real camel!

Anonymous said...

It looked quite real, but the two snouts hooked together. . .somehow I didn't think they'd let her sit on a baby elephant with mama right there.

Chris said...

It looks like a fun time. I have a great picture of Athena feeding a llama a year and a half ago at the San Francisco zoo.

It's funny that we both went to the zoo this weekend. No neat camel ride at our zoo though. The best we got was seeing the sea lions get fed and do tricks. :-)

Jessica said...

THe kids had a blast. They are both so into animals. It's crazy. Dylan was just staring and pointing at all the animals he saw!