Thursday, April 12, 2007


I am taking the kids to Phoenix tonight to visit with my mom and go to the zoo and see the sights, etc etc...
Elizabeth is totally stoked to see her Nani and of course all the "good animals" like giraffes, elephants and fla-pink-os.

Before we go though, I have to work all day, which means the kids went to daycare this morning.
Dylan, as usual, was fine. I dropped him off in his room, he crawled over to a girl baby and started schmoozing.

Elizabeth, oy vey, another story.

We put a stack of pull-ups in her cubby hole, then went back out to where all the kids in her class were eating breakfast (jam and toast and a glass of milk). I got her a chair, plopped her in a seat next to some very nice girls (Katie and Jillian) and she proceeded to LOSE HER DAMN MIND!!!

"I need one more kiss! I need one more kiss!!" she screamed.

"Ok. One more, then mommy HAS TO GO." I said. I was already late for work. Like 45 minutes late almost. This is no good.

I gave her one more smooch, told her that her daddy would be coming to pick her up around lunchtime and that I loved her and then I started to leave.

Then she showed me that even though I previously thought that she had lost her mind entirely, she still had SOME mind to lose.
She started screaming, crying, hopping up and down in her seat. She was acting like a psychotic monkey, on crack, in a banana store.
I waved to the teachers, gave them a look of total apology and practically ran out to the car. I could still hear her screaming from the parking lot.
Instead of caving in and going back for "one more" one more kiss, I got in my car, started it up, and drove away -- tears in my eyes.

Of course, when I called to check on her a later, she was fine, playing with the kids and having fun.
WHY? Why does she go insane berserker every day? Why??

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Chris said...

Athena went through that stage, although she is past it now. (knock, knock) Marcus will go through it in a year or so, most likely.

I've watched the video camera after leaving a room and it took her between 1 and 2 minutes after me leaving to calm down and start playing with the other kids.

You just have to keep your schedule, give her a kiss, say goodbye, and walk out. One thing that worked with some of the parents at our daycare is telling her to give you a push out the door. Because she's "helping" you leave, she takes it better. YMMV.