Thursday, July 05, 2007

I am soooo funny

Seriously. I'm a laugh riot.

Bob had the day off yesterday (independence for Independence Day!) We spent most of the day laying around, watching Rocky on TV, avoiding the heat!

After awhile Bob set up the kiddie pool and the kids strapped on their bathing suits and we went and hung out in the pool. It was COLD! I sit on a patio chair IN the pool, so I get the cooling effect without a)getting too wet and b)having to wear a **shudder** bathing suit!
Elizabeth must think that I am so clever and continental because she has taken to copying me and sitting in her miniature patio chair beside least until her inborn need to cause mayhem rips through her body and she leaps off the chair and begins splashing me and any cat that has the misfortune to wander by and dousing her brother in cupfuls of cold water. This happens every time we go in the pool.
Then Dylan pooed in his swim diaper and had to go nudist for the rest of the adventure! We actually hosed off his butt, which was surprisingly fun! For us, not for him. Not a fan of the Redneck Bidet.
Pretty soon, getting everyone ice cold got super boring and Elizabeth ventured to the swing set (where she has just learned how to get on the swing by herself AND kick her feet to keep herself swinging. I'm almost completely obsolete!)
Dylan and I stayed in the pool, kickin' it.
He was chasing a big blue ball around when all of a sudden, BIG SPLASH!!! I looked and saw Dylan COMPLETELY UNDERWATER on his back. Total panic on his face. I snatched him out of the water immediately and we hugged for about 10 minutes. So much for not getting wet! Very very scary. But he was fine. He did not want to go back into the water after that though. At all.

Here's the part where I'm so funny....
Our renters were planning a big BBQ for the fourth (big in terms of amount of food, not people) with crab and steak and corn yum yum yum....
While we were waiting for this to all get kicked off, I turn to Bob and said: "We should have gotten Chinese food for dinner. For the Fourth of July."
Bob: "You are weird."
Me: "No way man. Sweet and sour pork was invented in America."
Bob: "Oh well THEN... You never make sense when you talk!"
Me: "What!! Yes I do! I'm making sense right now! And right NOW!"

This is when he just shook his head and left the room.
Sweet and sour pork is gooooooood.


Meredith said...

They had chinese for dinner in a Christmas Story, so I think it would be fine for the 4th. Sorry about the Dylan scare, and I hear you on those swimmy diapers...they just cannot handle the poo!

Jessica said...

Fa rah rah rah rah....


The swim dipe held in all the poo just fine. But, after he pooed it, he had no other swim dipe and had to skinny dip!

I bought him a reuseable swim diaper that you can wash, just like cloth diapers (which he also uses now), and use over and over.
It's really quite nifty. I highly recommend!

Jessica said...

Here's where I got it from...
Momma Commune
It's like a bathing suit/diaper all in one. Very cool.
Dylan's is just like the Red Lizard, but a black background.

eaf said...

We had one of those for when Marcus was teeny. I haven't found one in his size yet this year, so we've been using swim diapers (disposable). Might have to check this out...

Jessica said...

Totally worth the money. If I were you, I'd definitely get one!
I hate those disposable swimmies, they always soak up half the pool water!