Monday, September 10, 2007

Trick or Treat Bag!

Tired of using pillowcases or paper bags or those stupid Made in China plastic pumpkins that scratch up your arm when you reach in to "borrow" a Milky Way from junior?

Me too!
That's why this morning I sewed up a Trick or Treat Bag!
I didn't make it from scary fabric, since my kids are still tiny.
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The pics are deceiving, it's smaller than a loaf of bread. Elizabeth is just a tiny, tiny model.

Now, don't YOU want one too?


Meredith said...

loving the great pumpkin theme...we're still a year away from taking brendan for tricks or treats :)

Jessica said...

A YEAR?!?!? You take that baby for tricks or treats!! And dress him up cute!

Anonymous said...

I would like a bag if you send it with candy inside.

Jessica said...

And thus, the beginning of Virtual Tricks or Treats!

Jessica said...

Mer, I will send you a Tricks or Treats bag if you promise to take cutie pie Brendan to at least two houses for Tricks or Treats!!!

Take the deal!

Meredith said...

Okay, maybe Kev will take him to a few houses. We'll see. But I will steal his chocolate and replace it with raisins, she he can't have chocolate (made with the terrible allergen MILK). Which is actually a win-win for me. Don't hate us though, he already has a pumpkin with his name on it from last year!

Jessica said...

He could get non-chocolate candies too, like Smarties or SweetTarts.
Mmm. SweetTarts.

I didn't know he was allergic to milk. What a mess! But duh. I should remember that he drinks soy milk! Dumb!
My nephew has a milk allergy too. He is 8 now and still has to drink the Lactaid milk most of the time, though he is able to handle milk IN products and sometimes straight milk too.
I guess it gets better with time!
Elizabeth couldn't tolerate cows milk when we took her off formula either, so she was on soy milk for about 6 months while we eased her onto the (cheaper) cows milk.
Now she's fine.
Kids are strange.