Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Who needs sleep when there's coffee?

Last night Dylan woke up howling at midnight. I was still awake so I went to check on him. Though it seemed he would settle back down, he never quite did. So I went into his room, scooped him up and snuggled on the couch with him.
He fell right back to sleep, snoring of course, and after I wiggled out from underneath him, I too fell asleep on the couch. Not the MOST comfortable!
I woke up around 6:30 when Bob was getting ready for work. Now, almost three hours later, I'm a SMIDGE tired and just made more coffee to get me through the day. Only 12 more hours!!!

Two nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night (4 am) with a mother's intuition to check on Dylan.
He was awake, in his crib, watching TV. He sometimes falls asleep with the TV on in there (bad mommy!!!) and we apparently forgot to turn it off. He was watching Adult Swim. Quite inappropriate!
I turned off the TV and he screamed so loud that I swear my eardrum popped.
So I lifted him out of the crib, made a blanket bed on the floor and tried to get him to go to sleep there. He crawled over and turned the TV on and started flipping the stations.
I couldn't sleep, he WOULDN'T sleep. But there we were, on the floor until about 6:30 am, when I finally let him out of his room. That was a great day. He ended up napping at 11 am instead of his usual 1 pm and slept a good solid three hours before we had to head into town for a myriad of errands.

Two nights before that, I heard noises under the house and woke up Bob the Defender!!!
He went to investigate and found that there was a pack (yes, a pack) of javelinas under the house and around the house. He estimated about 20 of them.
As he tried to shoo them away (rocks and pumpkins do not work, shooting them with BBs does) I went to get Dylan who was shocked awake by the very scary sound of rooting javelinas under the floor in his room.
He came and laid in bed with me that night, but only for an hour or so because he won't sleep in a bed and I couldn't take his constant flipping around and trying to tickle me (teedle teedle teedle <= that's what he says when he tickles)
So he got a trip back to his crib after the herd dispersed. He was back asleep in about 10 minutes. It was 4:30 am.

So yeah. I'm stinking exhausted. I'd like to sleep ALL night tonight if possible.
I'm going to wear earplugs, an eye mask and set deterring booby traps around the property to fend off intruding wildlife.
Maybe I'll just sleep in my car.
With the spider ghosts.

Anyone want to spring for a hotel room for me tonight?? Anyone? Bueller?


Jason said...

BB Gun? Use a shotgun and get some free pork chops! Those javelinas look tasty!

Jessica said...

Ah, yes. We could have done that with the Beretta, but faced hefty game and fish fines.
Javelinas are regulated big game targets. You need a permit to take one.
Plus, they're not REALLY pig-related, they just look like one. They probably taste more like deer, being hooved mammals and all.

Maribeth said...

Your last 2 paragraphs cracked me up. When you mentioned sleeping in the car I instantly thought of the wicked spider than you mentioned spider ghosts. You poor thing. I think you and Meredith need to go on a spa retreat weekend with no wildlife or children to bother you!

Jessica said...

Spa retreat!! No children! No wildlife! No SPIDER GHOSTS!!!
I'm there!
Book it!

Meredith said...

Those are the ugliest animals I have EVER seen!