Tuesday, November 06, 2007

She's an actress, not an endocrinologist

Oh my gosh! Another Hollywood type has spouted off some ridiculous drivel and the world is up in arms.
This time it's Halle Berry.
She claims that she cured her Type-1 diabetes by "weaning" herself off of insulin.
Here's the article
Problem Halle!
Type-1 diabetics do not have the proper capability to produce insulin, thus the need to administer it. It's an auto-immune disorder. Your body destroys itself.
Last I checked, the pancreas does NOT regenerate. Therefore, her "cure" is impossible.
She's a twit.

More likely, Ms. Berry has Type-2 diabetes (since she was diagnosed in adulthood) and has successfully altered her diet enough to make administered insulin unnecessary.

My question, is anyone surprised that she made such a ridiculous and dangerous statement?
It's like saying, yes, I ~had~ AIDS but I cured myself by weaning off of the medication.

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