Thursday, November 08, 2007

Maybe my bathroom is on the moon?

This is slightly disturbing, but not without reason.
Of course I'm knocked up and pregnant, just like Christina and J.Lo. Though I didn't try to fake you guys out, I just fessed up. So you already knew that.
What you may NOT know is that I get bad morning sickness. Real bad.
With Dylan I was so sick I lost weight before I started getting fat with fetus. He actually made me puke. It was great!
When I was pregnant with Elizabeth I had such weird morning (noon and night) sickness that I had to stop using my lotion because the smell of it made me hurl. I still can't even LOOK at that brand of lotion without getting queasy.

With NuBabee <= The official fetal nickname, I have wonderful all-day nausea but no pukeage, which is both awesome and horrible.
It's a total struggle to eat everyday. Most regular food items make me want to puke.
Yesterday I got so starving that I started to shake and get sort of dizzy. I force fed myself a turkey sandwich and got halfway through before the nastiness of processed cheese food made me want to die.
Still, half a sandwich is a victory.
Later on I ate a whole PB&J without problem.
I've learned that in this horrendous state it's best to just eat whatever isn't going to make me want to hurl. Last night dinner was chips and salsa. For breakfast today I made fresh baked bread and ate about 1/3 of it with butter. I made the kids hard-boiled eggs, and briefly considered cracking one for myself, but that bread in my belly flipped over at the thought of it. I put the egg back.
I'm now psyching myself up for a bag of Cheetos, which should be no problem since it's not really food but rather delicious orange cheeze powdered chemical puffs. Yum.
Oh, back to the moon bathroom...
When I found out I was pregnant, I weighed myself, just for a point of reference. You know, how fat am I gonna get??
I weighed myself yesterday, middle of the day, after eating something.
Four pounds less. Less.
Oh, I can't poop either.
There's your TMI moment of the day!


Amy said...

It just seems wrong, that the one time in your life (or third time, in your case) that you'd actually want to see the scale go up it's going down.

Anonymous said...

Jessey! Spicy foods have been my savior. I don't know why, but they sit much better with me than rich or bland. Also, lots of prunes, natures dessert. YUM!
Love Joan

Jessica said...

Last night Bob brought home a $5 Hot and Ready Pizza and I was like, yum Cheeeeese! I grabbed a slice in the dark kitchen and took a bite.
Quadruple meat!!
His dang brother works there and slips meatsa meatsa pizzas into the $5 boxes for Bob.
I swear there was a turkey leg on that pizza. Way too much meat.
Made me so sick!

Spicy foods are working for me. Much better than anything rich, meaty or cream saucy.
I gotta get some prunes. Thing of beauty.

Jessica said...

Of course I'm an idiot and I'm making beef stew for dinner tonight.

Anonymous said...

We also, are having beef stew! (Probably tonight and tomorrow in fact...) but I am stoked, we've had tamales for like, the last 3 days, so I am ready for a change.

Meredith said...

Oh I feel your pain...for 3 months I had all day sickness with Brendan, with occasional pukeage. Hangover foods worked for me. I LIVED on grilled cheese and vanilla milkshakes. Maybe that will help?

Jessica said...

Hangover? Hmm what's that???