Friday, December 21, 2007

A heartwarming tale for the holidays

Last night I was relaxing after a long day of kid wrangling.
I was sitting in the family room while the kids were bopping around, working off even more energy.
Elizabeth was in the kitchen, Dylan unbeknownst to me, was also in the kitchen.
Suddenly I hear Elizabeth screaming:
"Dylan has a knife! Dylan has a knife!"

And I see him walking around in the living room with a giant chef's knife. How he got into the drawer to retrieve it, I have no idea. But no time for thinking right then.
I jumped up and raced across the house to get it away from him.
He saw me coming and walked quickly back into the kitchen, toward his sister, who then started screaming:

"Dylan's trying to stab me! Dylan's trying to stab me!!!"
As she ran through the kitchen, over a laundry basket and into my bathroom.

By the time I got there, mere seconds later, Dylan had put the knife back into the drawer and vanished. He must have ran away from that scene so fast!!
I shut and secured the drawer and then consoled my dear little near stabbing victim.
"Dylan was not trying to stab you."
"Yes he waaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!" she sobbed.

Dylan then reappeared, and he got a scolding for touching sharp things while I recovered from my heart attack.

Happy Friday!


debdills said...

have you allowed your daughter to watch psycho??? I would advise against it for at least another 15 years, when the trauma of this event has worn off.... ;)
glad all was well.

Jessica said...

Nope. The scariest thing she watches is Garfield Halloween. Oh and Charmed sometimes, which she calls "The Dragon Show"

Jessica said...

Oh and last night after the incident, my mom called and Elizabeth was chatting with her. She told my mom that Dylan was her buddy. Then she said, and I quote:

"Yeah, my buddy tried to stab me."

She's obviously traumatized.

Anonymous said...

Haha! I love how he calmly put it back in the drawer. You must teach her that she should not yell suggestions at people.

eaf said...

Classic. I'm sure you'll be hearing for years to come... "Remember that time when Dylan tried to stab me?"

Andrea said...

Your story, while terrifying, had me laughing out loud! Glad everyone survived the incident!

debdills said...

sooooo.... i'm anxiously awaiting an xmas recap!! how'd it go?

PJ said...

Woah!! Never a dull moment. Love the previous "Potty" story too!! It will be interesting to see if he ever sits on a potty again!

Just bopped over to say "Hi" since we share a Blog name!!

pstvnrgy said...


Also, the old man on Garfield Halloween used to scare the crap out of me! GAH!