Thursday, December 20, 2007

Now he'll NEVER potty train!

Oh. Good. Grief.

So just moments ago Dylan came over and told me "I want go potty" which means exactly what you think it means. Not like when he says "I want bla-da-bla-da-bla" which means "Give me a banana, wretched woman!" (yes, in my head, Dylan is Stewie)

We ran off to the bathroom, threw his Dora potty seat onto the toilet and I started to take off his cute corduroys while he simultaneously tried to climb up onto the potty.
He lost his grip AND his pants caught on his foot at the same time sending him face first into the side of the toilet.
Oh. No!

He did that crying-without-making-a-sound crying for about a minute. His lips actually turned purple he hadn't drawn breath for so long. Finally he gasped and let out a wail of sorrow.
Oh, I felt so bad!!!

If he hadn't already pooped his pants, he did after that, so getting to the potty in time was no longer No. 1 priority. Or No. 2. Heh.

Dylan got a big mama hug and I cleaned him up, diaper wise. Details spared.
I checked his teeth, they were fine. No blood anywhere. He banged the chubby part of his cheek and probably his nose since he kept sniffing for about five minutes after the incident. Not sniffing in, but like blowing out. It was strange.

Now he's got a big red circle on his face where he impacted. Like a half made up china doll. One side all rougey, the other, plain.
Poor baby.

If I was him, I'd never go near a toilet again!


Anonymous said...

Ah well, he'll be prepared at least if he ever gets dunked in school.

Jessica said...

Thank goodness he hit the OUTSIDE of the potty and didn't go in for a swirlie.
That would be too much trauma.

Anne Marie said...

I feel so sad for Dylan, but it's such a funny story, too! I know right now it's too soon for Dylan to laugh, but the poor little guy has one amazing potty training story to share for generations to come. :)

Jessica said...

If I only had my video camera! I could have taped his misery for AFV!! You know what I mean AM!!

Chris said...

Heh. That falls under the "No permanent damage = hilarious" rule. That has happened so many times with both Athena and Marcus that I tend to start laughing first before I am even sure they're OK. This has earned me many reproving "Daddy, it's not funny!" remarks from my daughter.

Jessica said...

I agree! We have a strict "No Blood, No Foul" policy in place.
Hell, sometimes even when there IS blood it's still comedy.
Maybe it should be "No Broken Bones, No Foul"?
I can't tell you how many minor scrapes, bumps and cuts have been shrugged off in this house. Thousands.
If you listen carefully, you can actually hear us saying, "Are you bleeding? No? Then you're fine!"

Mommakitten said...

Poor little guy. My son had a similar incident when he was learning how to potty train. Let him go at his own pace... he will get the hang of it and not be so scared.

Momma Kitten
(just passing through)