Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thank goodness for this GREAT NEWS!!

It's a celeb heavy blog week but this news is just too great to pass up.


Not that I really thought they were to begin with. But Yahoo! Huzzah! HOOOOORAY!!
The Montag-Pratt Wedding is OFF!

I seriously needed that pick-me-up after the whole Jamie Lynn bun in the oven situation.

Somewhere LC is dancing a jig.


Adventures of Pixie said...

Anyone that religiously watches The Hills will remember when Spencer bought Heidi's engagement ring at the Store "Ice" in Brentwood. This store is approximately 2 minutes from where I work so I naturally had to rush right in there the next day at lunch to confirm my horrification. Indeed, it was exactly the store I remembered- they sell purses and scarves and rhinestone-y trinkets and COSTUME JEWELERY!!! I checked to be certain- all rings in the store were priced between $100-$150. Also, if you looked close, you could see that Heidi's "diamond" was actually lavender-colored.

Jessica said...

Get OUT!
That's hilarious!

Maribeth said...

You know, I hate to admit it but I am a Hills fan (can't be any worse than admitting that I watched Rock of Love)... I recall an interview with Lauran when she chatted about the ring and she too mentioned it was some lavender stone. It may have been the after show (I watch the Hills online since my husband refuses to watch it with me hence I will watch the after show). Anyway, enough excuses on my part... I just remember knowing it was a cheap ass ring. I think the whole 'engagement' chat was all for show. Trying to get more air time. I also remember reading there was talk they were going to stage a breakup... this was probably 2 months ago. So back to the is it scripted or not... who the heck cares I always got my Rock of Love 2!!!

Anonymous said...

Wait, they are having Rock of Love 2?

Maribeth said...

Yup, I saw it a commercial on VH1. By the way Jesse, what is this Adam character it blog spam? Or is he a friend?

Jessica said...

I deleted the comment.
I don't want to turn word verification back on! Don't make me do it blog-spammers!!

That said.
I love The Hills (FINE! It WAS me who loves Brody!!! Are you happy now?!)
I hate Spencer, but he's GREAT for the show. Every show needs a villain. He's a fantastic villain. Even his own parents think he's an idiot! Whoo!

And I totally do not care if the show is completely reality, semi-scripted, totally scripted. I just do not care.
It's awesome. If that sentiment makes me 13 years old mentally, then so be it!

And I can't WAIT for ROL2. Skanks!
Did anyone watch A Shot at Love? Skanks!!
What about I Love New York 2? Tailor Made? Seriously? He of the hydrating Biore mask? Ok Tiffany, whatever.

Adventures of Pixie said...

I love Bret Michaels. And Brody Jenner too. And every bachelor that's ever graced the stage of The Bachelor (except that one prince). But speaking of my boyfriend Bret Michaels, a couple of months ago my friends were going out and I stayed home in favor of curling up on the couch and eating something fattening. The next day I was punished for my slothfulness by being told that they found out Poison was playing a free concert on the roof of the Best Buy a mile from my house. They stood right in front of the band for the whole concert. So close that my friend Jamie TOUCHED my boyfriend Bret Michaels. Sniffle. Tear.

Maribeth said...

I watched a Shot at Love... that was pathetic but I can't wait till the reunion.
And I love NY 2... she surprised me with her selection. I really hope there won't be an I love NY 3... I don't love her, I am just more amazed at the guys going after her. Must be for the fame. I am kind of over Tiffany.
I knew it was you who wrote you loved Brody Jenner! I was the one who wrote Kirk Herbstreit.

Jessica said...

I too am over New York/Tiffany.
I wish they would give Buddha his own dating show, I Love Buddha? Flavor of Buddha? Or Punk even. He seemed nice, even if his family was totally weird. They were weird? right?

I knew she was going to pick Tailor Made, he was her bitch and she likes that.
Someday she'll shank him, and he'll thank her.