Saturday, January 19, 2008

Doctors, Doctors All Week Long!!!

This week has been, is continuing to be, the week of the doctors!

Tuesday was my well-publicized visit to the ER with Dylan for a ring expedition via X-ray.

Thursday was my OB checkup...
I'm nearing 23 weeks and measuring right on track. So much for the U/S tech thinking the baby was small! My OB doesn't think we need to change our due date at all so we're still getting set for a May 8 or 9 birth. Exciting!
The appointments up until now have been brief and boring. Check the weight, check the pee, check the blood pressure, check the baby, hear the heartbeat (which isn't boring at all), any questions? buh-bye!
My next appointment, in comparison, will be a flurry of fun activities. First I get to drink the nasty flat orange soda for the glucose test! Which means a blood draw! Yay!
Then I get to have my Rhogam shot! Here's hoping they can just do it at the office. With Elizabeth I had to go to the hospital and sit in the chemo room for my shot. It was very odd. Of course, that was a different OB. I think with Dylan I got the shot in the office, so that's probably what will happen again.
Oh...for those who don't know...Rhogam is what you get when you are RH factor negative and your husband is RH factor positive...or your babydaddy or whatever.
That is the case for Bob and I, so I have to get the shot so my body doesn't think the baby is a foreign invader and try to expel it. Good times!
Then I get to do all the regular OB checkup stuff, weight, pee, BP, baby measuring, heartbeat, any questions? Buh-bye!

Yesterday was Dylan's two year well check!!
I love our pediatrician, can I just say. He's the bomb.
He loves Dylan too. We were one of his first families when he opened up shop here in 2006. When he came into the exam room he immediately recognized Dylan (who he calls Dyl Pickle) and said "Wow! Look who we get to see today!" We then chatted about how different he was from two years ago at the same time when he was RSV sick and heading into the hospital. Now he's a rough and tumble big boy!
Here are Dylan's stats:
Weight: 30.4 pounds
Height: 2'11" or 35 inches.
Head circ.: 20"

And his percentiles
Length = between percentile 50 and 75
Weight = between percentile 75 and 90
Head Circumference = between percentile 95 and 90

Big kid.

Today is Elizabeth's VERY first dentist appointment, about which she is **very enthusiastic**
She's curled in a heap on the floor now just because I asked her what she is going to wear.
Not a good sign.
Ah crap. Now she's crying...
Later skaters.


Anonymous said...

That's a very wide percentile range. Do they figure that as the kids get older, parents aren't as obsessed with "My son is in the 99th percentile for largest turd?" Or something like that. That's all I'd be interested in, anyway. "Is he healthy, doctor? Yes, good, now how do his poos compare to other kids'?"

Jessica said...

That's just his percentiles from off the internet...I didn't actually get his specific percentile range from the doctor...though, I did notice on the doc's laptop that Dylan's head was off the chart large.
But that's no shock to anyone.
The percentiles just mean he's bigger and heavier than about 75 percent of other kids his age, give or take in each category.
You'd only really worry if your baby was super tiny and even then only if you were not super tiny.
I have a friend whose daughter is in the 5th percentile or so for height and weight (she's almost four and Dylan is bigger and heavier than her), but the mother is about 4'10" so yeah, that's about right for her...

I haven't had Dylan's poos objectively measured, but I would subjectively say (with my limited experience of OTHER kids' poos) that his are vastly more disgusting and possibly darker and nuttier.

Maribeth said...

Dylan is huge! Ry has a big head too. It's always been in the 90s. When she was born she was in the 95% for her head... I remember thinking when the doc was holding her up, "what a big head"... it was my first thought. Not, oh it's a girl now give me my baby... just what a big head!

Maribeth said...

Oh... glad to hear all is well on the pregnancy front. Have fun with the orange drink. That stuff is awful.

Jessica said...

Blech. I hate that orange drink.
It's so the worst.
I can ALMOST handle the flat cola flavor...but flat orange makes me want to retch.

Meredith said...

Am I the only one that liked the orange drink? I thought it tasted a bit like Tang...yum! I'll drink it for you :)

Anne Marie said...

Yay, Jessey! I thought I was the only person in the world who had to do the Rhogam shots, I'm glad to know another mom with neg. blood type who married a positive bloodtype. The exciting part I always liked was finding out at birth whether your child will have your husband's bloodtype or your own. My first had positive, so I had to have another shot, but the second had negative, so I got to get out of the "after-birth" Rhogam shot! So, here's to hoping you're third child will share your bloodtype!

And I'm with Meredith- I TOTALLY liked the orange soda drink :)

Jessica said...

You two girls are sick sick sick!

Both my kids are RH+
Elizabeth is A+ and Dylan is O+
But since I get the sections, the Rhogam shot is really the absolute LAST thing worrying me on the birth days!
I carry around my card with me in my wallet too. Isn't that funny! I have no idea why they have you do that. But I do it!