Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Here's another story of insanity...

Jason, you will love this one...makes your cable story seem like a fairy tale...

Let's go back, way back...all the way back to Nov. 2006.
Bob's windshield gets a small cinder ding in it. That tiny ding turns into one long crack before we can get it filled.
We call the insurance company to replace the windshield.
They set up an appointment with the mobile glass dude.
Everything seems fine, right?
WRONG! You're not paying attention! This is a story of INSANITY!!! Moving on.

Mobile Glass Man calls the house to cancel the appointment and leaves a message. Why he didn't call the cell number we gave them is a question for the ages. Mobile Glass, Mobile Phone...seems right...
I call to reschedule the appointment, they never call back. Ever.
I forget about the whole thing, since it's not MY vehicle with the cracked windshield in it and Bob doesn't really seem to mind the one crack.
We let it go.

Cut to...
Fall 2007
Bob's been pulled over now at least three times because the one big crack has blossomed into one long crack with about four medium offshoots and 10 tiny seedlings. It's a family tree of windshield cracks.
It's quite impressive.
The insurance company informs me that our windshield was already replaced a year ago. I said, no no! They say they'll investigate and get back to me...
Yeah right.
Umpteen phone calls from me later, the whole thing is figured out and we set up another appointment for last month.
OF COURSE on the day of the appointment Bob is sent to work 50 miles away and thus is NOT in the area that the mobile glass guy is in, but that doesn't matter because he calls to cancel anyway because of "imminent bad weather"
Not current bad weather, but the possibility of bad weather.
He also doesn't call Bob, who actually HAS the truck. Nooooo. He calls the house, and leaves a message. Which we didn't get until dinner time. Nice.
We call back, set up ANOTHER appointment.
This one was for today.
Guess what!!!

They called this morning to cancel again!
This time it's because they don't have the glass for the windshield. Supposedly it was coming from Flagstaff and didn't arrive yet.
Flagstaff is 2 hours away.
We could go pick it up dude.

This made Bob SO MAD I swear his ears turned red and steam spewed from his nostrils.

"I'm pissed! That's such a bullshit story! If they were supposed to replace it last month, they should have the freaking windshield already!" he yelled at noone in particular.

"Maybe they used it on another truck," I said, not knowing the flame I was stoking.

"That's EVEN WORSE!!!!!" followed by grumbles, mumbles, some cussing, more grumbles a LOT more cussing and then a front door slam.

So now the replacement is set for Saturday morning.
And Bob probably has to work that morning and I'll be at Elizabeth's very first dentist appointment, so naturally I expect that instead of calling Bob's mobile number (like I TOLD them to this morning when they rescheduled AGAIN) they'll call the house and get in touch with noone but the robot who screens our calls and probably cancel again.
Isn't adulthood grand?
It's a minor inconvenience, sure, but still.


Jason said...

Very nice. I can top it with the continuing saga of the column on my front porch, however, which was just renewed for another season on Fox.

Jessica said...

Ha ha ha!
I bet I can beat that with our tale of two bathrooms...
Ah, that's a good one.

Adventures of Pixie said...

My car lost it's windshield wiper on the freeway one day (I saw it flying away in the rearview mirror like a crow in the sky) and of course it was rainy season and of course I did not just go buy a new one, so instead I would prop up the naked metal piece that holds the wiper into the erect position when it rained so that the other wiper could work and this one wouldn't be scraping across the glass. When it wasn't raining I would put it down. This went on for several weeks (I'm lying- it was months). When I would put it down I would do so carefully, to protect the window. I did this about a hundred times. One night it was very cold and I didn't want to walk around to the other side of the car to gently put it down. Windshields are tough, right? I pushed it from the upright position to let it fall on its own. Smash. Immediate 4-inch crack. I was so furious. The crack began eating its spinach. Or taking steroids. Every day it grew and a week later completed its journey from bottom to top of windshield. I am still so mad about it that I refuse to fix it. I snub it by refusing to acknowledge its existence. See? I'm showing that crack.

Jessica said...

I take it back, the cable companies are flush with morons...
More on this later...