Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In other news....

Until they come to fix our cable, we have 14 channels.
Two are Spanish language, which is fine since I can understand it, but the shows are boring.
One is local access aka outdated city announcements and the occassional community concert. Blah.
One is PBS.
One is MSNBC. They actually have interesting crime shows on here (not To Catch A Predator) and I can pretend I'm watching Law and Order.
One is Disney. Thank God!
The rest are network. This leaves VERY little programming choice, especially when I need it most around 4 pm. I acually watched Phoenix area news yesterday afternoon. Gah! Big headline = People run red lights! More at 6!

This lack of channels is a huge tragedy in my world. You can call me trifling. I don't care. I need my TNT, TBS, VH-1 etc etc.
So anyway, last night I watched CSI: Miami. I rarely watch this show so it's all new to me. I remember now why I never watch this show. It's stupid and formulaic and did I say stupid? This particular episode about killer teen swim kids guest-starred Brian Krause.
Which leads me to my point.

Brian Krause is a hot piece of ass.

Moving on.

The Oscar nominations came out this morning and I'm a little proud and a little embarassed to say that I've seen exactly 0.0 of the movies nominated.
Not even Surf's Up.
Even ELIZABETH has seen Surf's Up.
Does this make me lose my cultural validity OR does it prove that the movies that the Oscar committee likes are ca-ca-poop?
I do want to see Juno. But really, that's it.
Atonement can lick my butt.
I'm in a mood. Bear with me.

Which brings me to my hilarious story of the week...

During our trip to the dentist, a half hour drive, Elizabeth and I saw many crows. I hate crows. This is well documented. I quit a job once in college because of crows. Anyway.
My kids call them ca-ca birds because they say "caw caw" or however you spell that particular animal noise.

On the way to the dentist, I happened to mention my disdain for ca-ca birds and Elizabeth said, I swear to God she said this...
"Yeah, I hate ca-ca birds. I keep seeing them, and I think they're giving me diarrhea."

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I saw Into the Wild. I want to see Juno also. To be fair, none of the other movies have come here yet (well Michael Clayton did, but I don't like watching lawyer movies), so I can still be culturally relevant.

Anne Marie said...

OK- Jessey- have I mentioned before that our worlds seem very identicle at times? So, I have to tell you my small town stats in hopes that you will feel better. When we don't have our DISH we have only PBS and ABC. Our local ABC news has top stories like "We got snow in Anderson, we don't usually, but I chose to live here instead of Florida- so I can't blame nobody." I know- riveting! We don't even have stop lights in our little town, so we would never make your local news :( Even our daughters use similar lingo- yesterday it was snowing, and I said "aren't those big flakes beautiful?!" And Kylee said, "Yes, but they kind of make me want to vomit." Vomit, diarreah- same kinda thing. I hope you get your cable soon!

Jessica said...

Those two are going to have FUN at the reunion this summer. For sure.

We actually live outside of town, so there are also no stoplights where we live. In fact, we were on a dirt road until last spring.
In the "big town" nearest to us there are only seven stoplights, one of which is brand new, all of which are on the two main roads, aka the highways.
In the next town over, Taylor, there is ONE stoplight which made front page news when it went up a few years ago.
Very exciting.
I have a sneaking feeling that we could completely switch locales and not feel strange about it at all.