Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Space Contagion

Thanks to the Sci-Fi channel, or whatever high-numbered cable channel this show was on last week, for running the program about astronauts bringing back spores, bacteria, and other microscopic life from Mars and the Moon. THANKS A LOT!
Now in addition to fearing contagion on my mother planet, which would be Earth, I get to fret about interplanetary contamination from rogue Martian spores hitching a ride on the space shuttle.
And what about that satellite they're shooting down, or have shot down, or whatever...will it too be coated in thick sticky cosmic infectious goo?
No wonder there's so much mercury in fish! It's all that bacterial ooze from Mercury falling into the ocean when they land the damn shuttles at Cape Canaveral!!!
(I'm really not that stupid, I know mercury doesn't come from Mercury...or does it?)


I've always thought that space travel was a weird endeavor to begin with. Yeah, there's stuff out there. But can't we just LEAVE it out there? Forget all this Final Frontier garbage and work on issues closer to home. Like building a forcefield around the Earth to protect me (and my 6 billion fellow humans, and most dogs and cats and other critters) from the daily bombardment of intergalactic contamination!!
Does Lysol make a spray for Venutian spores? I better look into that.
I blame Star Trek.


eaf said...

Yeah, it's interesting... you can't bring back a freaking banana from the Caribbean, but you can grab as many space rocks on the moon as you want. No worries, mate!

Live long and prosper.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're an idiot. Not only is the vacuum of space a sterile environment where nothing ca grow, but your entire statement about leaving space out there is simply preposterous.

You do realize of course that at some point, humanity will have to leave this planet, and this solar system? That there will come a time when this planet, and this sector of space will no longer support life?

If we do not continue to move forward to progress space travel, not just humanity, but life as we know it may someday in the not too distant future may cease to exist.

It is ignorant fools like you that have hindered the efforts of our greatest minds in their goal of reaching the stars.

Why don't you keep your mouth shut, and leave the science to people with IQ's higher than that of an eggplant.

Jessica said...

Eggplant here!
If space is a vacuum where nothing grows than how are there rocks with spores growing on them out in space? I didn't make that up.


PS the Earth is also in space and things seem to grow fine here.